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See Total Quality/Customer Relationship Management for more detailed information.

What’s New in CRM Software?

In order to have a successful product, a business must have a great relationship with the public. Today more and more successful companies are looking to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to give them an extra advantage when it comes to acquiring customer satisfaction. It is important to keep in mind that a good CRM system can help in creating, maintaining and retaining satisfied and profitable customer relationships.

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Building extensive relationships with customers and businesses as well as allowing for a company to find out how their products are viewed by their audience is at the forefront of a properly constructed CRM software solution. Your business will be better able to compete if you are able to provide advanced customer service care. Along with giving great customer care, a CRM system can track aspects of sales, identify factors important to your clients, handle customer complaints, develop end-to-end processes and improve your analysis of customer information among other customer friendly tactics.

CRM software can also help your company continuously “learn” what your customers really need. This process allows for greater customer satisfaction with less human intervention. Customer service software solutions will usually include a combination of marketing, sales and customer service functions. This combined system will help to enhance customer service by allowing the company to maintain and retain customer loyalty.

With CRM software your business can successfully handle the complete sales process beginning with the initial contact of a prospective client to establishing a long-term successful relationship with the customer.

What Should CRM Software Do?

Help your employees deal with customers and their product or service needs
Assist with good customer communications
Analyze customer behavior to allow for better service to be provided to them

If a CRM software system seems to a good match for your business, be sure to do your research before choosing a vendor. Some leaders in CRM software are Tuppas and Sage. Tuppas provides a configurable CRM software system that has a browser based thin client interface. A thin client structure allows for use of your CRM software at multiple locations and also means that updates and changes can be made to a multi-location enterprise quickly and easily. Sage offers a canned CRM system called ACT! that can help with your customer service needs at a reasonable price. It enables you to access key contact and customer information, manage and prioritize activities and track all contact-related communications.

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